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The research group, created in 2012 by Professor Gustavo Silveira Siqueira in Rio de Janeiro State University Law School, has as a goal the development of scientific research about the Brazilian Law History. Over the last years, the group has been in contact with highly acclaimed national and international researchers on Law History, taking part and holding courses, workshops and congresses. The initial purpose of the group was to elaborate studies from investigations about the right to strike. Nowadays the group already throws its eyes on distinct moments of the 20th century, contributing to the history and memory of Brazilian law. Some researches developed by the group are financed by the most relevant funding agencies in the country, such as CAPES, CNPQ, FAPERJ and also by UERJ itself, through the scolarship programs available. The group also acts in the training of undergraduate and postgraduate students, in a multidisciplinary and interdisciplinary atmosphere, with the purpose to develop unprecedented investigations on Law History. In addition to law students, the group also includes students of Anthropology, Philosophy, History and Sociology. Its members are building a wide professional network and are often honored by the visit of national and international professors who take courses taught by the laboratory. The group became, therefore, reference in Law History consolidating itself as an important laboratory of discussion and research in Rio de Janeiro.